Looking Forward

See how PTSD treatment helped these Veterans make changes in their careers, hobbies, and relationships — so they can live the way they want to.

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Out of the woods

Memories of night patrols in Vietnam kept Dave Hanson from walking in the woods behind his house. Today, he goes there to feel calm.

David Hanson

US Air Force 1967 – 1971
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My soul was stained

Emma Shinn thought that the acts she committed in Iraq had “stained” her soul. Treatment helped her to see her own value, and to re-engage with the world.

Emma Shinn

US Marine Corps 1994 – 2014
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My personality changed

Nightmares were keeping Rogelio “Roger” Rodriguez up at night. Treatment helped him sleep better, and that changed everything.

Rogelio "Roger" Rodriguez, Jr.

US Air Force, US Navy 1987 – 2013
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I have great friends

Before treatment, Penny Anderson couldn't spend time with other people. Today she likes nothing better.

Penny Anderson

US Army 1985 – 2013
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I have a mission

His confidence put on hold by PTSD, Reedy Hopkins now has the conviction and strength to pursue his dream.

Reedy Hopkins

US Air Force 1983 – 2011
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It's actually fun going to work

Treatment gave Rodney Bracey the tools to find a new career.

Rodney Bracey

US Navy 1987 – 2010
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It takes a lot to piss me off

Therapy helped Jerry Boggess feel better about people ... and people feel better about him.

Jerry Boggess

US Army 1962 – 1986
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I enjoy being out in public

Teresa Silver spends a relaxed day out with friends. It wasn't always so easy.

Teresa Silver

US Army 2008 – 2013
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No one should live without joy

Through her treatment and service to others, Diana Franz finally feels content.

Diana Franz

US Army 1981 – 1984
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