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Watch in depth stories of Veterans who have experienced PTSD. Learn what they did to get their lives back on track.

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I matter

A survivor of military sexual trauma, (MST), Yvonne Grissett struggled with feelings of shame and worthlessness. PTSD treatment helped her recover her self-esteem, and may have saved her life.



Yvonne Grissett

US Army 1982 – 1986
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The pot of gold

When Rogelio "Roger" Rodriguez came home with PTSD, his family’s dreams were shattered. Roger, his family, and his therapist tell the story of how PTSD treatment got him back on track and made their family stronger.

Rogelio "Roger" Rodriguez, Jr.

US Air Force, US Navy 1987 – 2013
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It’s totally freeing

Years of flashbacks sent Dave Hanson to the edge. Dave, his family, and his therapist explain how Prolonged Exposure therapy brought him back to a full and happy life.

David Hanson

US Air Force 1967 – 1971
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The bloodiest battle

As a combat photographer, Stacy Pearsall sees the unspeakable, over and over. Rather than lose what she values most, she turns to treatment.

Stacy L. Pearsall

US Air Force 1998 – 2008
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I meant to protect her

Arthur Jefferson witnesses his friend’s murder in the barracks. He tries to hide his pain from his only child. But that only drives them apart.

Arthur Jefferson

US Army 1978 – 1998
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My meditation

After serving in the Army, MMA fighter Joe Duarte, finds his world spinning out of control. Now he finds peace at home and in the ring.

Joe Duarte

US Army 2002 – 2006
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My shame was being alive

Laurent Taillefer loses his best friend in Iraq. Back home, he pushes everyone away, until he's alone.

Laurent G. Taillefer

US Army 2003 – 2006
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I didn't know where to go

When Jerry Boggess came home from Vietnam he knew he had changed. He had nightmares, angry outbursts, and he didn’t trust anyone. It took him 48 years to ask help.

Jerry Boggess

US Army 1962 – 1986
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I cannot be this person

Finding it hard to be home alone or feel comfortable in public places, Laura Hendrixon is determined to get better for her family and her career.

Laura Hendrixon

US Marine Corps 2003 – 2007
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I basically froze

On a 36-hour mission, Reedy Hopkins' convoy is ambushed. One split second gets stuck in his memory for years. Prolonged Exposure Therapy helps Reedy enjoy life again.

Reedy Hopkins

US Air Force 1983 – 2011
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I made it

Rich Adams is assaulted while in the Navy and retreats into a life of shame and anger. Treatment, he says, made him "a good human being."

Richard Adams

US Navy 1971 – 1972
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I was hit by eight IEDs

Josh Hansen, an "IED Hunter", recovers from a traumatic brain injury only to be hit with PTSD. Treatment helps him reclaim his life.

Josh Hansen

US Army 2005 – 2007
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My job kept me going

Health issues forced Steve Aoyagi to retire at the age of 50. That's when his PTSD became a problem for him.

Steve Aoyagi

US Air Force 1968 – 1975
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It works if you work it

Ace Carter loses his job and goes through a rough time. The only thing that comes between him and "doing something really stupid," is PTSD treatment.

Horace "Ace" Carter

US Army 1977 – 1999
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The most peaceful place on earth

Ron Whitcomb thinks the Viet Cong are surrounding his house - 30 years after he comes home. Treatment helps him turn a threatening place into a sanctuary.

Ron Whitcomb

US Army 1968 – 1969
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